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Bring it along for the examination. When planning the new dates, KIT tried to adhere as much as possible to the schedule drawn up before the corona crisis in order to minimize postponements. For reasons of IT security, please make sure that the latest available operating system or the current version of the app is installed on the service mobile phone when using the Corona App. If neither the KONKIT device nor the QR code is available in the rooms used, the teacher is obliged to collect the contact data of the participants in proper form and to keep the data for four weeks. Doch nun zeigt sich: Bachelor-Studenten in Deutschland brauchen bis zum Abschluss oft deutlich länger als geplant. Therefore, flexitime credits or vacation or, if these are used up, vacation for other reasons, accepting loss of payment (§ 31 para. Since November 8th, a digital declaration of entry (digitale Einreiseanmeldung, in German only) is also required if you have been in a risk area up to 10 days before entering. The orders given by the health authority must be obeyed. Time reports can also be sent to PSE-Zeitwirtschaft as collective Business Unit or Staff Unit lists via the relevant secretariat. See also the following FAQs: Already before the corona crisis, KIT had arranged for its students to be particularly free in organizing their studies: For example, students who cannot come to KIT basically have the possibility to take exams in a modified form. Zeitraum- unter bestimmten Umständen in Präsenz stattfinden. Guests and service providers with an appointment should contact their contact person in the building in advance by telephone or, if necessary, on the site via intercom to gain access. The KIT company physicians (Tel. The following examples are to illustrate when a list of participants is usually necessary and under which circumstances it is possible to do without one. If you have questions, please directly contact your KIT department. What does this mean regarding my presence on campus? Ankündigung: Masterstudiengang Germanistik, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) Abschlussart: Master of Arts. The Microsoft Teams software for online collaboration of groups of employees (chats, meetings, video conferencing, taking and reading notes, joint file editing and exchange, and to-do's) is available at: Schools and daycare centers as well as daycare facilities will be closed from Wednesday, December 16, 2020 up to and including January 10, 2021. For this purpose, students will find a form on their numbered table, which must be completed and handed over to the examiner. Hence, the persons using the app are informed of their risk statuses as a function of these values. Technikzukünfte. Superiors who become aware of a suspected Covid-19 case are requested to contact one of the KIT Medical Services (MED) company physicians (Tel. An alternative care of the child or children cannot otherwise be guaranteed. What am I supposed to do? Dafür ist kein Antrag auf Fristverlängerung notwendig. Mai 2020). Damit müssen sich Studenten das Sommer- und … Über die Weihnachtsfeiertage und Neujahr ist vom 24.12.2020 bis 06.01.2021 vorlesungsfrei. According to the Corona Ordinance Relating to Quarantine upon Entry and Testing (Corona Verordnung Einreise-Quarantäne und Testung, in German Only) of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, persons who enter Baden-Württemberg from abroad and have stayed in a risk area during 14 days prior to entry are subject to quarantine. As a result, the maximum period of BAföG support, which is linked to the standard period of study, is extended as well. The installation is voluntary in every respect. According to the "Guidelines on the Course of Business at KIT in Times  of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic", it is possible to conduct personal interviews face to face, observing the the infection protection measures and the current hygiene rules: Minimum distance 1.5 meters, cough and sneeze etiquette, regular thorough hand washing, well-ventilated and sufficiently large rooms. If soap or tissues are lacking, please use another lavatory and notify the need promptly. In accordance with the resolutions of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, the KIT ensures that not using cloud-based services will not be sanctioned (such ensuring is provided for e.g., by guaranteeing that students will not be blamed for exceeding deadlines due to not using cloud-based courses or exams). Whom can students turn to for psychotherapeutic help? Occupational activities are explicitly exempt from the curfew restrictions. Zudem wurde mit Blick auf die Corona-Pandemie eine Verlängerung der Regelstudienzeit beschlossen. laboratory internships, field exercises). To receive compensation, the order for quarantine must be submitted to PSE Zeitwirtschaft. Am I allowed to move to Karlsruhe from a corona hotspot / risk area? It is also still possible to conduct job interviews online. What should I consider? at KIT in the period from December 16 to January 10 in order to minimize contact as far as possible. The Technical Regulations for Workplaces ASR A 3.6 recommend pulse ventilation of meeting rooms every 20 minutes for over 3 minutes to allow maximum air exchange through wide-open windows. One of our new basic standards in Corona times is the compliance with infection protection (distance, small groups, washing hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette) in accordance with the requirements of the Corona Regulations of the State of Baden-Württemberg. What do the current Corona Ordinance of the state and the CoronaVO Studienbetrieb und Kunst des MWK (valid from December 16, 2020) mean for the KIT? Bitte sehen Sie diesbezüglich von Rückfragen ab. Where at KIT is wearing a face mask mandetory? Universities are explicitly authorized to collect such data (§14 CoronaVO). Declaration on the Absence of a Suspected Corona Virus Infection in an Examination of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT): An appropriate form is available for download. Bewerben können sich Studierende und Studienanfänger aller Nationalitäten, die bereits am KIT immatrikuliert sind oder ihr Studium am KIT aufnehmen. The situation will be monitored within the framework of the current regulation and, if necessary, we will react according to the situation. Please do not contact  the examination boards. Suggestions for the maintenance of this FAQ can be directed to Monika Landgraf monika.landgraf∂ (SEK-Gesamtkommunikation) and Timo Schreck timo.schreck∂ (SEK-GK). The data must be protected against access by unauthorized persons. in public transport, shops, or restaurants, etc. Maßnahmen des Corona-Krisenstabs am KIT; Rubrik "Fragen zu Studium und Lehre", die u.a. KIT-FAKULTÄT FÜR BAUINGENIEUR-, GEO- UND UMWELTWISSENSCHAFTEN KIT – Die Forschungsuniversität in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Modulhandbuch Bauingenieurwesen (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. May Courses Take Place on the Campus again? The certificates will be lodged on the application system. until directly before the examination. For written examinations in the summer semester 2020, which will take place in the semester break from July 27 to October 31, 2020, it still will be impossible to use the usual venues. For KIT, this means that the participants’ contact data must be listed for meetings of two or more persons in a room for a period of more than 15 minutes. Mit Wirtschaftspartnern soll er bald auf den Markt kommen. Ausgelöst durch Medienberichte, den Doppeljahrgang, und der generell hohen Konkurrenz an Hochschule und Arbeitsmarkt können Gedanken an die Regelstudienzeit oft Unsicherheit und Zukunftsangst auslösen. Please avoid touching your face, as pathogens enter the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, or eyes. At all universities in Baden-Württemberg, the summer semester 2020 is considered a term. What can I do? Already granted vacation can only be cancelled for valid reasons. The  status display will switch from "unknown" to "low" or "increased" as soon as corona risk detection can be performed (at the latest 24 hours after installation of the app). Please note: If still possible, candidates are requested to deregister from their relevant examination in the Campus Management System. In particular, we would like to ask you to provide a telephone number where you can be reached by the health authorities if necessary. • (in German) What can I do? Einzelne Terminkonflikte, insbesondere zwischen CVT und MVT, lassen sich leider nicht vermeiden. Please state your student ID number and the name(s) and number(s) of the examination(s) from which you wish to deregister. Fax: +49 721 608-44290 Wir hoffen trotzdem, Sie in geteilten Gruppen an ein bis zwei Tagen vor Ort begrüßen und kennenlernen zu können. Where and how is the risk of contracting the novel Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) highest? Where can I find help, for example, on the subjects of online teaching, digital course preparation, and everyday university life? KIT admission and enrollment regulations; Titel Stand Download ; 2020 KIT 054 Vierte Satzung zur Änderung der Zulassungs- und Immatrikulationsordnung am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) 03.11.2020, veröffentlicht 03.11.2020: PDF This must be documented by the examiner or supervising person and the responsible examination committee must be informed accordingly. What has to be considered for future studies at the KIT? "Aktuell leiden wir unter starken Einschränkungen des öffentlichen Lebens und unserer sozialen Kontakte, was sich auf unser Wohlbefinden niederschlagen kann", so Professorin Heike Tost, eine der zentralen Autorinnen der Studie. and "I expect guests from a designated international risk area. In view of the current overload of the health authorities and the associated increasingly delayed official notification of those affected, the crisis management team has developed a procedure for contact person identification at KIT. Based on current planning, the KIT assumes that the conditions and boundary conditions in the winter semester will be similar to those of today (but at least aggravated by the colder season). Public access to the campuses is very limited according to the public Corona regulations. The same applies to the deadlines for the last possible examination in the expiring examination regulations of the Bachelor and Master courses of studies, if the students of these courses of studies are to be enabled to take the examinations on the basis of the old study and examination regulations. Time reports can also be sent to PSE-Zeitwirtschaft as collective Business Unit or Staff Unit lists via the relevant secretariat. Please maintain a distance of 1.5 meters to conversation partners. KONKIT (KOntaktNachverfolgung am KIT, contact tracking at KIT) is designed to reliably collect contact data of participants of courses in compliance with data protection legislation by placing the KIT card onto the scanner. Parking lot P1 at Messe Karlsruhe is available free of charge. This applies equally to face-to-face jobs as well as home office jobs. 1593 Neuinfektionen und 39 Todesfälle in Berlin+ 56 Böllerverbotszonen festgelegt + Berlin steht Schlange – großer Andrang bei Lebensmittelgeschäften + Der Corona-Blog. There are three status stages: What Is Considered Preschool Education in Germany?Early childhood education is optional education and care that children between 0-6 of age receive in the Federal Territory of Germany.Who’s Responsible for the German Preschool Education?Supervision of the German pre-school education is mainly the responsibility of the State Youth Welfare Office “Landesjugendämter” of the respective Lander. Depending on the conditions at the workplace, protective measures may therefore be necessary, which you should take in consultation with your contact person (the relevant specialist officer, for example). It is particularly important to inform the employer if the infected/positive-tested person does not live in the area of responsibility of the Karlsruhe Public Health Office. Read more: Klausuren im WS 20/21: Die Klausurtermine wurden unter Einhaltung der geltenden Abstandsregeln KIT-weit geplant. Wie funktioniert ein Härtefallantrag? 21.12.2020, KIT – Die Forschungsuniversität in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, KIT-Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Mechatronik und Informationstechnik (MIT). Die Frist zum Ablegen der Bachelor- oder Masterprüfung (Studienhöchstdauer) wird für Studierende, die sich aktuell im höchsten zulässigen Semester befinden, zum WS 20/21 um ein Semester verlängert. Please do not go to work but instead go home and inform your family doctor by telephone. The Medical Services (MED) or Experts for Work Safety  (FAS) can be consulted too for workplace risk assessment. Due to the hygiene regulations and the requirement to keep distance, far fewer people than usual are now allowed to stay in the rooms. Meetings and discussions must take into account certain requirements set out in the "Regulations on KIT Service Operations in Times of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic".

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